Five Cars That Are Exempt from Smog Certification

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Most automobiles require a smog check a minimum of 1 time every two years, but some automobiles are exempt. Discover if your vehicle is on the list of exemptions.

If your car was made after 1998 and makes use of gas, then you will need a smog check. Depending on your vehicle and where you reside a smog inspection may be needed as often as every 6 months. For example Washington D.C. requires for-hire vehicles such as taxi cabs and limousines to be smog checked that often. Others states only require an inspection once a year or once every other year.

The Smog Testing Rules for Hybrid Cars Have not Been Finalized

Hybrids have both a combustion engine as well as an electric motor. If you have a hybrid electric car then you are just exempt from the change of ownership and first biennial smog check. The technology for screening this sort of car is currently being developed. As soon as it has been developed then these automobiles will be required to be inspected.

Models from 1975 or Earlier Cannot be Smog Checked Easily

Previous laws specified that an automobile that was 30 years old or older was exempt. Nevertheless this has actually been changed to any automobile made prior to 1975. This is mainly because most older vehicles are classic vehicles and rarely driven. Furthermore the parts and engines are old and can not be modified for the present emission requirements. The majority of cars produced before this date are not running, so as a result they are not smog checked, the rule requires that automobiles actually being driven are.

Certain Diesel Cars Made prior to 1998 are Exempt from Smog Testing.

Any diesel automobile from prior to 1998 is exempt, though there is a diesel smog test for newer diesel automobiles. This test does not make use of the normal discharges test from the tailpipe. This sort of check is a visual evaluation and a check of the on-board diagnostics. There is likewise an EVAP functional test. This visual test is a check for noticeable smoke while the automobile is running.

Electric Automobiles Have no Emissions and are Exempt

The majority of power cars are exempt because such automobiles have no tail pipe and produce no pollution from the automobile. The department of motor vehicles has a growing list of electric cars that are exempt from smog checks.

LPG and Natural Gas Vehicles are Exempt from Smog Testing for 6 Years from the Date of Manufacture

Only smaller gas vehicles are exempt. Typically these automobiles are less than 14,000 pounds. LPG Gas automobiles are only exempt for the first six years. This exemption is since the natural gas cars go through such stringent testing to make it to the dealer that a smog test is unimportant. After the 6 year period, the service warranty is usually finished. The smog control elements of the automobile could now potentially fail and they are required to be inspected.

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