Important Smog Check Tips When Buying a Used Car

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In this article, we talk about smog check and inspection issues when purchasing a secondhand car.

Check if your car is Excluded from Testing.

Some automobiles are exempt from smog checks. Prior to buying your used vehicle you can see if it is exempt from inspection at along with this post which discusses about 5 autos that are exempt from smog testing.

Automobiles Six Years Old and Newer May Not Require a Smog Check

If your automobile is six years old or more recent, you will be charged a yearly smog abatement charge when you register your car, as opposed to being needed to provide smog credentials. There are some exceptions. The six-year-or-newer policy doesn't apply to nonresident and custom-built vehicles made since 1976. Those cars require smog certification.

CarFax Vehicle Service History Report

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Find the Vehicles Smog Check History

If your automobile will likely require a smog check you can discover your vehicles smog check history at the California Bureau of Automotive Repair. Simply enter the cars VIN number, a 17 digit number that recognizes a vehicle, or its license plate number.

Find out the Title Transfer and Smog Requirements.

When you sell a gas engine automobile that is four or fewer years old, a smog certificate will not be needed in order to change the title. The purchaser will pay a smog transfer charge of $8. If the car sold is more than four years old, the seller should provide evidence of an existing smog certificate except in any of the following scenarios:.

The car transfer takes place among a spouse, sibling, kid, parent, grandparent, or grandchild.

The car was registered and biennial smog accreditation was submitted to the DMV within 90 days prior to the date the title transfer happened. A vehicle inspection report might be required for proof of accreditation.

Special Smog Check Rules for Cars Inspected in a Different State.

Because California has such stringent policies relating to smog pollution, automobiles that passed smog examinations in other states might not satisfy California's standards. If you purchase an automobile from out of state, you must double-check with the DMV to find out whether you need to get your automobile checked in California prior to registration.

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