Choosing The Right Smog Check Nearby Burbank

How to  Find a Smog Check in Burbank

We don't get our cars smogged every day. When we get that pescky notice from the DMV it's understandable that one experiences a little angst about what Smog Test Station to go to in Burbank.  Afte rall, in addition to figuring out which different type of station to go to; Test Only, Test and Repair, Star Station etc.. we want to make sure that the place we end up actually knows what it's doing. So what criteria does one use to decide who we trust our precious car too? We've put together a few pointers and we are going to focus on specific cities in California.  Today's post talks about smog check stations in the city of Burbank and we hope it makes your selection a little easier.

Directed Vehicles and STAR Smog Checks in Burbank

Figuring out what Smog Check Station to go to is a little easier when the DMV notice directs you to a type of station meeting certain performance standards. You can find our more about "Directed Vehicles" (and many other interesting smog related things) In a nut shell, Directed vehicles must be taken to a "Star Station". These stations meet certain standards required by the DMV. If you need to bring your car to a Star Station, that at least narrows it down a little for you.  So you can find a list of all smog check stations in Burbank at by clicking this link:  That list will indicate which locations are STAR certified.

Some Criteria to Select the Right Smog Check Location

There are lots of Star Stations in Burbank, CA. So even if you're directed to that type, how do you choose which one?  Based on our experience, we believe that stations with the following attributes are worthy of your business:

  • Close by.  Yes, close by is sort of obvious. But many people will search the internet and just type in something like Smog Check Burbank, CA. That will pull up a list of stations but they won't necessarily be the closest to you. Instead, as we said above a good tactic is to go to a site like (you're on it now) and type in your zip code or Burbank. will give you the stations in Burbank that will truly be closest to you.
  • Choose a station with coupons. Why pay more when you don't have to? Most reputable stations will offer a discount. Take advantage of it!
  • Technology. If a station has a web site that includes an online reservation feature, you can use it to make sure you're in and out in no time.
  • Quality.  Once you've decided on a location, point your browser to the DMV web site and search the station you want to bring your car to. You can find out if there are any violations or disciplinary actions. If the shop is clean, close and has a coupon that will save you some $, then that's the one for you!

We hope this helps. Smoging your car isn't complicated. And after you find a station you like, you won't have to do the research again.

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