How to Find a Vehicle Smog Check History in One Single Step

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Smog Check Information

All vehicles that were manufactured in 1976 or later to smog checked every two years according to The California Smog Check Program. The am of the program is to reduce air pollution and emissions from vehicles by requiring that cars with excessive emissions are repaired in order to be registered in the state.

Resources to Find a Vehicles Smog Check History

Locating a vehicles last smog check result is a very useful service. While in many cases the cost to repair a vehicle so that it will pass a smog test can be inconsequential that is not always the case. The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) allows the last test result to be found for a vehicle as a free service.

If you cannot afford repairs the BAR offers a Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) and repurchase program. Check this website to see if you qualify

SmogCheck.CA.Gov Vehicle Smog Test History Report A free service offered by the BAR allows the last smog check result to be reported by entering the vehicle VIN or license plate number.
Check a Vehicles Smog Check History Here!

CarFax Vehicle Service History Report

Car Fax offers a full vehicle service report. This report is very useful when buying a used car.
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Helpful information can also be found and the carfax sight and at their videos on youtube.


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