What to do if your DMV Notice Directs You to a STAR Smog Station

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You've found your DMV renew notice is asking for a smog evaluation at a STAR station. Well what exactly is a STAR smog test station? The STAR program is a new certification process that replaces the old Smog Test Only and Gold Shield stations. A STAR smog station is monitored closely by the BAR and should conform to high requirements developed by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs. This does not mean you have done anything wrong, the BAR is simply trying to ensure that smog tests are done accurately.

Types of STAR Smog Stations

Some STAR stations are just authorized to carry out smog inspections. These stations are referred to as STAR Test Only stations. Other STAR certified smog facilities can perform smog inspections along with smog equipment repairs. These smog stations are called STAR Test & Repair stations. Both STAR stations are permitted to perform regular and STAR smog checks. If your notice requires you to go to a STAR station, you can go to either STAR Test Only station or a STAR Test and Repair station. You cannot go to any station that not STAR certified.

  • STAR Test Only Centers are only authorized to perform smog inspections and are not allowed to carry out smog check repairs. STAR Test Only Center - Smog test only facilities are licensed by the State of California to carry out both Regular and Test Only smog assessments. They are not permitted to perform any smog repairs. A Test Only facility's primary commitment is to do a non-bias and exact smog evaluation. They are certified to check all DMV required vehicles.
  • STAR Test & Repair Stations are licensed to carry out STAR smog examinations, as well as repair work and certify all vehicles. STAR Test & Repair (CAP) - STAR Test & Repair stations are authorized by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs to do, along with smog check repairs, routine smog examinations and test just smog checks. A STAR Test & Repair station is the only kind of smog check center which can examine, repair and accredit any and all cars. These stations are participants of the State's Consumer Assistance Program and are checked by the State of California monthly. STAR Test & Repair stations may also perform smog repair works on automobiles taking part in the Consumer Assistance Program. How are vehicles picked for STAR smog check?

The State of California utilizes the following three strategies to determine whether a vehicle is STAR station marked or not:. Gross polluters (vehicles which have fallen short a previous smog examination with extremely high exhaust readings). High Emitter Profile cars. These are car kinds designated by the Bureau of Automotive Repair as having high possibilities of failing the smog assessment. A random sample of all vehicles signed up in California and being driven on public streets.

Where to Find a STAR Smog Station

If your vehicle has been picked to go through a STAR smog check don't be distressed.. Just find a STAR licensed smog station and proceed with the assessment. The smog professional carrying out the test can notify you of any serious concerns. There are several hundred STAR smog stations throughout California and you can discover one in your location using our STAR Smog Station Locator.

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