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Old Town Smog Test Only Center Is The Best Place For Your Next Smog Check in Gilroy

Located in Gilroy at 51 Hornlein Ct Old Town Smog Test Only Center is a Test Only station that should be your first choice when you need a smog check. At Old Town Smog Test Only Center we know how important being able to get a convenient and easy smog test is. We value your time and do our best to get your vehicle smogged as quickly as possible.

Old Town Smog Test Only Center

51 Hornlein Ct

Gilroy, CA 95020


Quality Smog Checks

It's important that you get the best smog possible in the city of Gilroy. Quality workmanship is important and we value it do our best to deliver you the quality service you deserve.

Trained Staff

At Old Town Smog Test Only Center we strive to deliver you the best service possible. All our technicians have passed the state requirements for smog inspenction in the state of California and are able to inspect your vehicle quickly and effectively.

Best Price Possible
Not only will we endevour to bring you the best service, but at Old Town Smog Test Only Center we will do that at the best price possible in Gilroy.

What Exactly is a Smog Check? See for yourself how a car is smog tested.

A smog check is a test required by the state which measures the amount of airborne pollution emitted from the vehicle being teseted. Many states including California require vehicle owners to have an smog check run on their vehicles. What type of emissions test and how often you need to have your vehicle smog checked depends mainly on where you live, the type of vehicle you have and the age of the vehicle. You can find out more in our smog check information area. A smog check consists of a visual inspection, a functional test using your vehicles OBD II connection. Depending on the age of your vehicle and the type of fuel it uses you may require and Evap and tailpipe test. If you pass your smog check you will receive a certificate. Regardless of whether you pass or fail the smog station will transmit your test results to the DMV. If you pass you will be able to register your vehicle with the DMV. If you fail, you have a certain amount of time to remedy the issue and test your vehicle again.

Smog Check Visual Inspection

Smog Check Visual Inspection

All vehicles will be visually inspected to verify that the required emissions control equipment and systems are identified and present and in the vehicle and that they appear properly connected.

Smog Check Functional Inspection

Smog Check Functional Inspection

Most vehicles will now go through a functional test using the ODB II connection in your vehicle. Depending on your vehicles age, gross vehicle weight and fuel type additional tests may be performed such as EGR, and EVAP.

Smog Check Tailpipe Test

Smog Check Tailpipe Test

As of 2015 most vehilces only require ODBII tests. These tests eliminate the tailpipe testing requirement. If your car cannot be ODBII tested then a tailpipe emission sample will be taken by the technicial. The test system will analyze the exhaust gases emitted from the tailpipe.

Smog Check Certificate

Smog Check Certificate

Once the test is complete a certificate will be issued and transmitted to the DMV. The transmission currently takes place nightly and so your results may not be available until the following morning.

How often your vehicle needs to be tested depends mainly on where your vehicle is registered, the type of vehicle such as the fuel type, and how old your vehicle is. You can find more at https://www.check-smog.com/blog/post/2012/08/15/how-often-is-a-smog-check-required-in-california, and at https://www.bar.ca.gov

A smog check is a test of a vehicles emissions control systems required by the state of California and many other states as well. You can find our more about what a smog check is here www.check-smog.com/blog/post/2012/11/01/What-is-a-Smog-Check and here www.bar.ca.gov.

When you get your DMV renewal notice your car may have been directed to a STAR station. A STAR Station is a smog check station that has been STAR certified by California and can test "Directed" vehicles. If the smog check station you plan to test your vehicle as is not Star Certified and your vehicle has been directed to a Star station, that station cannot test your vehicle. The STAR program replaces the Gold Shield program and changed how smog stations are certified. You can find detailed information about the STAR program here https://www.check-smog.com/check-smog/blog/post/2013/02/09/what-does-the-star-smog-check-program-mean-for-california-consumers and also at the California smog check site www.smogcheck.ca.gov What Is a STAR Station.

A vehicle that has been regularly maintained and has not been modified from the factory build should have no issues passing a smog test. An engine is also not operating a peak efficiency if it is cold. Driving your vehicle for at least 15 minutes or until the vehicles engine is warm will help the test accurately reflect the operating condition of your engine. If you have had recent service of your vehicle in which the battery was disconnected, the OBD II sensors will have been reset. In these cases you may need to drive your vehicle for a few days before the sensor repopulate with data. You cannot have a smog test done if the ODB II sensor values are empty.

Our smog technician will explain why your vehicle didn't pass the test. Test Only locations, cannot service vehicles to repair the issue. You must fix the issue as soon as possilbe in order to register your vehicle with the DMV. Any auto repair facility can do the service on your vehicle, it does not need to be a test and repair location. The Bureau of Automotive Repair has program in place to assist with replacing your vehicle if the repair is too costly. You can find out more about the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) at https://www.bar.ca.gov/consumer/consumer-assistance-program/ to see if you qualify.

Changes of ownership require a smog check, or if the vehicle is being registered in California for the first time. Under California law, the seller of the vehicle is responsible for having the vehicle smog checked prior to sale and providing a certificate of compliance. You can find out more informatiion here https://www.bar.ca.gov/consumer/smog-check-program/faq#