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Smog Shops in Merced

As with most cities, there are a number of locations that can smog check your vehicle.  The question is how to pick the right one for you.  Most people want a location that is convenient, fast and clean.  We would rather pay a few bucks more for a clean place to sit, a nice professional technician and a quality honest smog check.  If that is what you're looking for All Smog Express fits the bill.  Why?

All Smog Express in Merced is a STAR Licensed Smog Shop

Why is this important?  If you look at our DMV notice you may see that your vehicle has been directed to a STAR Certified location.  Not all smog shops are STAR certified and you don't want to waste your time driving down to a shop that can't smog your vehicle.  Also STAR certified location are generally of better quality.  This is because the STAR program administered by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) in California, closely monitors that testing procedures of these shops.  If they are not professionally performing smog checks they lose their license.

All Smog Express Tests All Types of Vehicles Including Hybrids

Not all shops have the equipment to test all vehicles.  This is especially true if you have a hybrid.  I bet you were surprised if you got a smog check notice and you owned a Prius.  Yes, because your vehicles is a hybrid, it has a combustion engine it needs  a smog check.  Because of the way that hybrid vehicles work, the BAR did not have equipment in place until 2015 that could test hybrids.  One reason for this is that part of the smog check is an idle test and hybrids don't idle.  All Smog Express can test your hybrid so bring it on down.

All Smog Express in Merced is Convenient

All Smog Express is located conveniently at 2240 G St. Merced, CA 953040.  You can get them at 209-384-2499.    They are open 8-5 every day, closed Sunday.  It's easy to get to All Smog Express off the route 99 approaching from the south take exit 187A and turn left onto G Street.  Drive a few blocks and All Smog Express is on the left just past 22nd St.  From the North, take exit 187B, turn left onto G Street and you're there in a minute or two.

A convenient is more than just location.  The owner Raul has been performing smog checks for many years and he and his techs know what they are doing.  The location is very clean and the process of getting your car smogged is fast and easy.



The History of Merced, CA

The City of Merced lies in the Central Valley of California and is located approximately 110 miles southeast of San Francisco and 310 miles northwest of Los Angeles.  According to the CA State Department of Finance the City has a population of about 80,542, is situated on Hwy. 99, and functions as the county seat.

In 1889 the city of Merced was incorporated and runs under the Council-Manager form of government.  Over the past 9 years, the annualized development rate is about 3.4%. Merced's populace has actually expanded faster than the state as a whole since 1980.  This fast expansion of population has stimulated significant retail growth mainly since 1992. Several major retail store have located to Merced, adding over 750,000 square feet of new retail space. In turn, the City's sales tax receipts increased by over $500,000 year on year.

In September 1995, after a three year phased close down, the Castle Air Force Base closed. The bases closing has affected residential real estate and some sectors of the retail and service economies, but overall retail has continued to increase. No significant increase in unemployment has been noted. Re-use of the former base is actively proceeding. Industrial development is increasing in the area.

Since 1992, more than 400,000 square feet of new industrial activity has started. In May 1995, Merced was selected as the home of the next University of California campus. UC Merced opened with its first 1,000 students in September 2005. Local planning is underway to accommodate campus development, will eventually accommodate about 25,000 students.