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Choosing A STAR Certified Test Only Smog Check Station In Moorpark

The origin of the name "Moorpark" is unknown, but several sources have been suggested. Of these suggestions, most sources agree that its origin was Admiral Lord Anson's estate 'Moor Park' in Hertfordshire, England where he introduced the apricot in 1688. It is mainly believed that the town of Moorpark is named after the Moorpark Apricot, which used to grow in the area. This was confirmed by Robert Poindexter, the founder of Moorpark, in 1927. One other theory of the name is that when the Southern Pacific Railroad was surveying the local land in the 19th century for its railway, someone in the party said that the area, with its sloping hills, looked like the Scottish Moors. Hence the city name Moorpark.

Moorpark is a city in Ventura County in Southern California and was founded when the Moorpark Post Office was opened on June 1, 1900. Robert Poindexter and his wife, Madeline owned and surveyed the townsite of Moorpark and it has experienced a significant growth since the late 1970s as of the 2000 census its population was 34,421.

Americar A Great STAR Smog Check Only Station Located in Moorpark

Americar is found in the city of Moorpark. Americar accepts 1996 and newer cars at their Test Only smog check shop and you can schedule a 15 Minute appointment as well. Americar is a test only STAR rated smog check station which has a 1 BAR 97 and 1 ODBII smog check machine. They can also perform DMV required tests, regular/biennial smog checks for DMV registration renewal, change of ownership smog checks, out of state registration smog checks and Government fleet vehicle smog checks. Americar is a test only facility which does inspect your vehicle, but cannot repair problems with your vehicles emissions system.

Smog Check Requirements for DMV Registration Renewal

When receiving that DMV notice about registration renewal, it's reasonable that one experiences distressed feelings of, "oh no, I hope I don't have to get a smog check this year!" Unless you are exempt from a smog check, relax knowing by doing a little research using you can find a Moorpark smog check station in no time. While you are at it, you can also find coupons with that search as well.

What Is The STAR Smog Check Program?

The STAR smog check program may not be fully understood by most consumers. The STAR program will eventually enable vehicles that have a model year of 2000 or later to be tested using only information from their vehicles' on-board emissions computer.  It's main features are to introduce the STAR certification which can only be maintained if the testing procedures done by a smog shop fall within quality standards set by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR).   It is best to understand what a smog test is when preparing to do a smog check.  It is good to prepare so you can ask any questions that may occur during the smog check.  I am sure the technician will be more than helpful answering any questions you may have during the smog test. All vehicles of that model year or later have emissions diagnosis programming as part of their vehicle program. Find out more on the STAR smog check program.

Moorpark Smog Check Station Features and Coupons

In addition to researching which Moorpark smog station to use, look for other features about the shop.  Is it a STAR Certified smog test only center?, Are coupons available for that specific smog check station and where do I find them?, Do I need to print out the smog check coupon to receive the discounted price?, What is the going price for a smog check?, Is a waiting room available?, What is the distance to the smog check station?, Is registration renewal available at this smog check station?, Lastly, using online reviews to find Moorpark smog check stations like Americar.

Verify Smog Check History Of A Vehicle

The Smog check history of a vehicle is validated by license plate number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This will list the entire history of smog checks that have been performed in the state of California for that vehicle. Before you plan to buy a car, check out the vehicles smog check history. It is easy to do and you can find more information on smog check history at this check-smog blog post.

What Vehicles Require a Smog Check Certification

Currently, smog inspections are required for all vehicles except diesel powered vehicles 1997 year model and older or with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) of more than 14,000 lbs, electric, natural gas powered vehicles over 14,000 lbs, hybrids, motorcycles, trailers, or gasoline powered vehicles 1975 and older.  Vehicles registered in areas subject to the biennial smog certification program are required to submit evidence of a smog check certification every other renewal period. Owners of vehicles six or less model years old will pay an annual smog abatement fee for the first six registration years instead of being required to provide a biennial smog check certification. The registration renewal notice mailed to you by the department will indicate if a smog check certification is required. If a smog check certification is required and you have not had a smog inspection, you may still pay your registration fees to avoid any late fees. However, you will not receive your new registration or year sticker until the smog information has been received by DMV.

Upon initial registration, nonresident Diesel powered vehicles 1998 model year and newer with a (GVWR) rating of 14,000 lbs. or less, and specially constructed vehicles 1976 and newer require smog certification. The six or less model years old rule does not apply to the vehicle years mentioned.

Hybrid Vehicles require a smog certification beginning March 26, 2015. When you transfer a vehicle that is four or less model years old a smog check certification is not required. (Determine the oldest-qualifying year model by subtracting three from the current year.) The four or less model years old rule does not apply to diesel powered vehicles. A smog check transfer fee will be collected from the new owner. When a vehicle is more than four model years old, a seller must provide evidence of a current smog check certification from a business like Americar, except when one of the following occurs: The transfer occurs between a spouse, domestic partner, sibling, child, parent, grandparent or grandchild. A biennial smog certification was submitted to DMV within 90 days prior to the vehicle transfer date (a vehicle inspection report may be required, for Proof of Certification). Smog certifications are good for 90 days from the date of issuance. Find out more information on Hybrid smog checks.

The History of the City of Moorpark, CA

The Moorpark and surrounding area was part of the large Rancho Simi land grant given in 1795 to Javier, Patricio, and Miguel Pico by Governor Diego de Borica of Alta California. The Chumash indian tribe orignailly inhabited the valley where Moorpark is located. The town grew when the Southern Pacific Railroad established a depot there after the 1904 completion of a 7,369-foot (2,246 m) tunnel through the Santa Susana Mountains. The depot was operated until 1965.

Suprisingly Moorpark was one of the first cities to run off nuclear power in the entire world, and the first in the United States. Named the Sodium Reactor Experiment the reactor was built by the Atomics International division of North American Aviation. It was located at the nearby Santa Susana Field Laboratory and operated from 1957 to 1964 producing 7.5 megawatts of electrical power at a Southern California Edison-supplied generating station.

As the city expanded new services and features were offered. Moorpark College opened on September 11, 1967. Moorpark College is one of the few colleges that features an Exotic Animal Training and Management Program. is dedicated to helping you find nearby smog check locations and coupons. also provides smog check information to help consumers make the best decisions when having their vehicle smog checked.  It's our goal to make it easier for you to get your vehicle checked in the most convenience and reliable way.