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Welcome to Check-Smog.com the location for everything related to smog checks and smog tests for both businesses and consumers.  Let's face it we both have an interest in figuring out how to get our cars smog tested whether or not you're the one doing the testing or the one being tested.

Find a STAR Smog Station

If you have been directed to a STAR Smog Station by the DMV this site is a great place to find a STAR smog station in your area.

The new STAR Smog Program Will Have a Large Impact on How you Smog Check your Car

Beginning third quarter 2013 1996 and later vehicles will no longer require a tail pipe test. What does this mean? It may mean quicker smog checks and lower smog test prices, but until the regulation comes into effect it will be hard to say.

The video below may be helpful if you are worried about passing your test.  Be aware that you may be able to receive assistance from the state of California if you fail your test.  Check out the Bureau of Automotive Repair CAP Program.

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About Smog-Check.Com

Smog-Check.com is dedicated to helping you find nearby smog check locations, smog check location reviews from actual customers, smog test coupons, and most importantly to provide smog check information to help consumers make the best decisions when having their vehicle smog checked.  It's our goal to make it easier for you to get your vehicle checked in the most convenience and reliable way.

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